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New Filmmaking Tutorial Available!

Stavanger Filmmakers Club can meet up again!

This time we’re talking about storyboards 🙂 We recently made “Face Boy”, our third feature film, and I storyboarded it completely before we shot it. How did I do that? And how did I get away with NOT doing it for two whole films before that??

All this and more! Thanks for checking it out! 😀

I did some acting!!

Hi all! I haven’t posted in a while but I did something pretty cool this evening: I acted in a project called Relate Theatre, here in Stavanger 🙂

Since I started filmmaking I’ve been taking every opportunity to get better at acting, and really anything filmmaking-related. I had a great time and it was a really insightful experience.

You can watch it here if so inclined! And please consider supporting Relate Theatre when they start their crowdfunding soon 😀

Stavanger Filmmakers Club: ORIGINS!

Hi all!

Long time no post 🙂

Just a quick update: I made a new video for the Stavanger Filmmakers YouTube channel on how/why I started the club. Enjoy!

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