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Upcoming writings

I’m back in a promotional mood, and just as well, because there’s a veritable plethora of new Robertson material hitting the virtual shelves!

I have a story in the Zombie Punks Fuck Off anthology, which is out now!

“The Advent of Noise” is about how the “noise” music genre was created by a punk band after they died and brought it back from the afterlife. I don’t know if you knew that.

Zombies are anathema to certain publishers who have seen too much of them. Just like a fashion trend trickling down towards Anne Hathaway’s cerulean sweater in The Devil Wears Prada (or like a game of Telephone for those of you who now need to go watch Devil Wears Prada), other publishers and writers started going, “Yeah zombies are totally over”, but most of them saying it without really knowing why, I would argue.

So I like to imagine this book’s title is a response to those who decided to shun zombies.

Zombies don’t die, duh!!

I also have a story in the upcoming Twisted50 volume 2–it’s called “The Art is Absent” and it’s about what might happen if you were a performance artist who’d committed to living in an art gallery for a month but were then like, “Hang on I can’t do this.”

Just like that haunting episode of Sex and the City that Marina Abramovic refused to be in (to her constant dismay now, I assume.)

Last but not least, my novella “Jesus of Scumburg” is coming out on Xmas, but the preorder is available now!

Jesus of Scumburg is about Jesus DeJesus, lead singer of the Nazi Sympathizers, whose music excites audiences into a frenzy, such that they destroy whatever city the band plays in.

So please: give me the encouragement I don’t deserve to create more monstrous writing like the above 🙂 (I’ve written plenty of tasteful things, but the market has spoken, haha!)

New interview on Kendall Reviews!

Hello again!

Here’s the interview I mentioned in my post yesterday about all the flurry of my latest news 🙂

Love the formatting with the images and gifs! 🙂

Many thanks to Kendall Reviews for the opportunity–hope you enjoy reading!

Cheers 😀

All of the news!

As is so common in the writing world, nothing happens for a long time and then loads happens at once.

Here’s what I’ve been up to of late:

  • I was on the Horror with Marchese & Buller podcast
  • I woke up at 04:30 this morning to appear on the Deadman’s Tome podcast. Which explains why we talked about moon Jedis, Scandinavian hallucinogenic mushrooms and washing feet, among other things!
  • (On both these podcasts, we discuss my upcoming release, Jesus of Scumburg [Hindered Souls Press, Dec 25th 2018])
  • Steve Pool interviewed me on my own podcast, Losing the Plot! It was his much-appreciated suggestion, and we had an interesting chat thanks to his efforts and well-considered questions.
  • Kendall Reviews will feature an interview with me some time this week (no sign yet, but I’ll post about it when there is. Do check out the site in the meantime!)
  • Unnerving and Deadman’s Tome had sales recently, which I’ve tweeted about etc. before, though I think they’ve ended now. Still, as good a time as any to check out the content from these great publishers!
  • The Anti-Austerity anthology, which I had a piece in with many other talented writers, reached #4 on Amazon for fiction anthologies. And Penguin-published author Kit de Waal bought a copy too.

I’m somewhat keen to reassure the writers reading this that news comes and goes in waves, and that I’ve been quietly writing and submitting and chatting to folk for months nay years to make this kinda stuff transpire. But the main point of the post is, 1) Check out all this great stuff and support these cool people, and 2) This is far from the last you’ll hear of me 😀

New Losing the Plot—with ME!!

I’m a Scottish process engineer and writer, currently living in Norway. Guest interviewer Steve Pool (episode 31) talks to me about politics, writing motivations and parents reading to you before bed (when you’re little.)

My links:





Anti-austerity anthology

Every Hour Was Witching Hour” on Every Day Fiction:

Steve’s “Losing the Plot” episode

As always, if you’re a reader, writer, creative type, someone with something to say, you can always get in touch with me using losingtheplotpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com. I look forward to hearing from you!

Marshall, who provided Losing the Plot’s intro music, has a new album out! Check out “MARS HALL” at Captain Crook Records!

Anti-Austerity anthology now available!

Exciting news today!

The Anti-Austerity Anthology is now available!

I’ve been waiting a long time for this one—I have a story in it, and it contains work from many other authors whom I admire, including M. J. Black, Andy Carrington, Rupert Dreyfus, Rebecca Gransden, Jay Spencer Green, Chris Harrison, Ruth F. Hunt, Mary Papastavrou, Riya Anne Polcastro, Mike Robbins, Harry Whitewolf—AND MORE!

With a foreword from superstar journalist Steve Topple!

Plus, proceeds from this book go to food bank charities. That’s pretty great, right?

Here’s the link to purchase—I’ve ordered my copies and can’t wait to see how the final product of this one has turned out 🙂

New Losing the Plot, with Danger Slater and Madeleine Swann!

Losing the Plot returns with a two-for-one extravaganza chat! LTP alumni, Madeleine Swann and Danger Slater, talk to me about the indie author life, internet obsessions, the housing market in Norway—and how to make your own cult!!

You can hear AND see the second part of this chat over on Madeleine’s YouTube channel

Links to stuff we talk about (across both my episode and Madeleine’s):

Let’s Not Meet (Reddit)

Armando Iannuci Shows

Last Podcast on the Left (NXIVM episode)

ContraPoints (discussing Incels)

Listen to their first LTP episodes here:



Danger’s Links:




“He Digs a Hole” on Amazon

Madeleine’s links:




“Fortune Box” on Amazon

As always, if you’re a reader, writer, creative type, someone with something to say, you can always get in touch with me using losingtheplotpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com. I look forward to hearing from you!

Marshall, who provided Losing the Plot’s intro music, has a new album out! Check out “MARS HALL” at Captain Crook Records!

New story of mine published today!!

Please check out “Every Hour Was Witching Hour” over at Every Day Fiction!

SO–this was a dream I had!! I was in a YA film where this guy was trying to hide a young woman he was in love with, in his family home, in the past. This was the exact thing he explained to the young woman, and what happened.

Since that’s the only scene of the film I “saw”, I don’t know how the rest of it panned out, so I just gave the scene a new context so it would work as a piece of flash fiction. Maybe I’ll write the rest of that YA film someday 

Today’s writing advice? Take a nap 


Author profile: Øyvind Harding

I was browsing books in Outland Oslo, one of my favourite bookshops, when I discovered “Martian Dictator” by Øyvind Harding.

A Norwegian guy is writing sci-fi in English?! I have to meet him!

(As you probably know, I often interview people on Skype for my podcast–but I rarely get to meet authors in person.)

Well I got in touch with him through his website and it turned out that he didn’t live too far from Oslo city centre–so we met for a drink and a chat about writing and books.

Here’s what I learned about Øyvind:

  • He wakes up at half past five in the morning to get in his writing time, given that he’s currently working two jobs!
  • In a year he reads about 100 books a year, all science fiction in the last few years.
  • He recommends Martha Wells’ Murderbot Diaries series, Iain M. Banks’ Culture novels and the work of Joe Abercrombie.
  • He’s very much in support of manned missions to Mars, but not so optimistic about what will happen the first time humanity gives it a shot (as his novel shows!) but he reckons we’ll crack it the second time (maybe :P)
  • His next book, The Smuggler, is due out at the end of the year. Here’s where you can read a free sample.

Check out Martian Dictator–and why not meet an author near you? 😛

I had a lovely chat on Horror with Marchese & Buller!

Listen here!

Hosts, Misters Marchese and Buller, are two cool and friendly horror authors. We had a great chat about authenticity, rejection, writing goals and way more!

Hope you enjoy!!

Other news:

  • I’m back from holiday and organizing new Losing the Plot guests and such. Pretty sure I remember who I said I was gonna get in touch with, but feel free to take the initiative and set something up with me!
  • New story out with Every Day Fiction on Thursday! I’ll post back here about that.

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