Here is a list of my publication credits, with links to read/buy!

Short Story Collections:

Weird Fauna of the Multiverse, Planet Bizarro Press



The Glow, Aurelia Leo (forthcoming, 2022)

Greev, NihilismRevised

Jesus of Scumburg, NihilismRevised

– The Grimhaven Disaster, Unnerving

–  Bonespin Slipspace, Psychedelic Horror Press; reprinted by Unnerving


– “Brothers” in Unnerving’s “Hardened Hearts” anthology

Short stories:

– Gladly, From Day One: The Year 47 Omnibus, Chappell & Company

– A Fox Caught by Dogs in Let the Weirdness In: A Tribute to Kate BushHeads Dance Press

– Bar Hopping for Astronauts, PULP Literature Issue 30, Spring 2021; reprinted in “Best of British Science Fiction 2021“, NewCon Press

The Headphones of DamoclesAntipodeanSF

Love You To DeathClose to the Bone

Lackers, “The New Flesh: A Literary Tribute to David Cronenberg”, Weirdpunk Books; reprinted in “Year’s Best Hardcore Horror vol. 5”, Red Room Press

Overheard in the Coffeehouses of Sucky Parallel Universes, “Prose in Poor Taste vol 2”, Horror Sleaze Trash

Mr SleepyFlame Tree Press’ “Urban Crime” anthology

SnapShotsPulp Literature, Issue 22, Spring 2019; reprinted in “Best of British Science Fiction 2019”, NewCon Press

No, Hetero, Horror Sleaze Trash

– Every Hour Was Witching HourEvery Day Fiction


The Art is Absent, Twisted 50 vol 2

The Hundred-Year StormFiction on the Web

– Covered in Bugs, in Schlock! #10, anthologised in Schlock! Bi-Monthly: Vol 2, Issue 7 

The Audition Altar, in Twisted50 vol 1, winner of a Twisted50 Award

Stabbing in a Lighter Darkness, The Stockholm Review of Literature, Issue 18. Reprinted by Selcouth Station.

– A Disturbance, in Unnerving Magazine issue #3, alongside an extract of “The Grimhaven Disaster”, Unnerving-published novella.

– Kelpies, in Deadman’s Tome Monsters Exist Anthology

– Levels for Sustainable Living, in Helios Quarterly’s Volume 2, Issue 2: “Redux & Progression”

– Cool Kids, in Deadman’s Tome Campfire Tales Book One

– Petronomicon, in Hellbound Books Publishing’s The Big Book of Bootleg Horror vol 2. Reprinted by Expanded Horizons

– The Other Half in Open Pen Magazine, Issue Nineteen. Reprinted at the end of “The Grimhaven Disaster” novella, with Unnerving.

– The Advent of Noise, in Weirdpunk Books‘ “Zombie Punks Fuck Off” anthology

– No Contest, in Horror Sleaze Trash‘s Prose in Poor Taste anthology

– A Drop in the Ocean in EZ.P.ZINE vol 1: Beast of Burden


– #YesAllPoems in HST Quarterly

– Deepthroater Horizon in EZ.P.ZINE vol 1: Beast of Burden

Self-published works:

Out Black Spot


Rude Vile Pigs

Saxual Healing