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New Robertson—THE GRIMHAVEN DISASTER—Coming Aug 8!!!

Hey everyone! You’ll have seen this announcement on my list of publications this year but NOW is the time to get excited about “The Grimhaven Disaster”, my surreal radioactive horror novella coming out with Unnerving August 8th!

Themis and his buddies celebrate the end of high school by taking a trip to, of all places, Grimhaven’s abandoned nuclear plant, where Themis’ insane grandfather, who religiously devoted himself to nuclear energy, worked up until the hideous accident that put the plant out of commission. When Themis and his girlfriend explore the plant at night, they discover that the plant isn’t as dormant as it seems, and the background radiation of Themis’ family history threatens to result in a full-blown sickness. The Grimhaven Disaster is a horrific, surreal and positively radioactive vision of what happens when youthful hubris clashes with the sobering decay of adulthood.

I’ll let you know how to preorder and give you more updates asap. Thanks for the support so far and please do let anyone know if you think they’d be interested. I hope fans of Bonespin Slipspace are ready for another weird and wild ride of twisted imagination!!!!!!!x∞!!

Review of Rusticles, by Rebecca Gransden

Gransden is perhaps my favourite indie author, certainly one of my favourite people. I’ve been looking forward to the release of this collection and I hope you’ll check it out too. Here’s a link to buy it on Amazon, and below is my review.


I’ve read this collection several times. While the stories themselves are elusive, there is one unanswered question that interests me the most: what are rusticles?

I think they are icicles made of rust. There are no such thing, and they don’t explicitly exist between these pages. That is, they are not objects that exist in these stories but perhaps something imagined by its characters. Something seemingly nonsensical, fantastic, inexplicable, seemingly purposeless maybe, but something new and disturbing and curious and worn and forgotten. Corroded but not yet dust. Natural and yet not. Imaginable and yet non-existent. Relatable and yet never seen before. Fantastical yet grounded. And really, if there is an apt symbol to represent the feel of Hilligoss, the mood and content and style of these stories, it is one that the reader must invent themselves, and one that itself goes unexplained.

Anyone who has read anemogram will likely be familiar with Gransden’s uniquely lush and organic minimalism, her “ivy-laden shopping cart in a drained, mossy swimming pool at night” aesthetic (as I like to think of it), and have probably been clamouring for this next collection. Anyone who is yet to discover Gransden, well, first of all what the eff, and secondly, this is an excellent starting point.

These roaming stories build Hilligoss. Or rather, like a streetlight pushed over by a fox when no one was looking, they reveal what seems inopportune, partial, exterior, and ask you to fill in what’s missing. For that, you’ll use your own tools, which means that Hilligoss is no longer just Gransden’s but also yours, and that your Hilligoss is your own. And when you see it like this, you think, the fox has as much right as anyone to contribute to what’s worth looking at. You think, why is observing what’s so frequently considered best to look at what I want to do? Wouldn’t I rather see what the fox wants me to look at? Or, maybe we spent so long expecting to see a rigid circle of streetlight along the highway that it took the chance interruption of an unnamed fox to suddenly let us see the world in a way both familiar and yet so different. And if that’s true, how can you be so sure, when you examine your memories, your environs, yourself, that you know where you’re supposed to look? What if the most salient information passed you by? In which case, why not look where you want to, if any angle will reveal just as little, or as much?

If someone was to ask me, then, what it’s like to read this book, I could say, ‘It’s like discovering a rusticle for the first time.’

You then might respond, ‘What’s a rusticle?’

And I’d say, ‘Don’t ask me. Ask yourself.’


New Losing the Plot with Marc Molino!

This episode our guest is Marc Molino, a writer, blogger and graphic designer of such works as the Losing the Plot logo and the cover of Bonespin Slipspace!

We talk about reading, writing and life at large.

You can check out Marc’s blog here:

And follow him on Goodreads here:

and Twitter here:

If you’re a reader writer editor, someone with something to say, you can always get in touch using losingtheplotpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com. I look forward to hearing from you!

(And here’s a piece of fiction inspired by the “landlord” issue 😛 )

Unnerving Issue #3 Now Available!

Hello everyone!

Just to let you know that issue #3 of Unnerving Magazine is now available!

Contains a double shout-out to yrstrly. To think most mags I’m in won’t even disgrace their covers with my name, ahaha!

It could be your name on issue #4 or #5 if you choose to submit here.

Unnerving is a semi-pro-paying market on the rise, and I know few people in general who work as hard as its head editor, Eddie Generous, whom I interviewed on Losing the Plot, and you can check out that episode and every other episode to date here—might give you some indication of what the mag is looking for and how to submit if you’re interested in doing so!

I hope you’ll consider supporting Eddie and Unnerving—I only submit to publications I enjoy reading (which is why I’m doing not to badly with it—what’s better than when you and a market’s tastes align?) Unnerving is no exception. BUY BUY BUY!!

New Episode of Losing the Plot, with Johnny Scarlotti!

This week’s guest is Johnny Scarlotti, the prolific author of such transgressive works of poetry as Just Die, Molly is a Faggot, Fuck Utah and so many more. We talk about the process of writing poetry, contemporary fiction, and the joys of playing Everquest!

Find out more about Johnny’s NSFW poetry here:

Follow him on Twitter @johnnyscarlotti

Buy his books here:

And as always, if you’re a reader, writer, editor, someone with something to say, you can always get in touch with me at losingtheplotpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com. I look forward to hearing from you!

Stuff that’s happening!

Hello again,

So here comes another update mostly so I can remember all the cool stuff that’s happening!

  • Latest Losing the Plot is with author and journalist Josh Schlossberg. We talk about the writing process, fracking foxes and “microbial horror”!
  • Deadman’s Tome’s extra special Monsters Exist anthology is available for preorder on Amazon. If you fancy a paperback copy, look no further! Plus, there’s a Goodreads giveaway for it here. You can also read my story behind my story “Kelpies”, which is in the anthology, here.
  • The latest Helios Quarterly is now available! Features a story I’m particularly proud of, called “Levels for Sustainable Living.” Extra cool is that Helios recently qualified as a semi-prozine under SFWA guidelines, so, uh… see you at the Hugos 😉
  • Open Pen Issue Nineteen is now out! My story in that is called “The Other Half”: it’s about a woman whose husband comes home one day, only the right half of him has been stripped down to its central nervous system. I have huge respect for Open Pen’s mission and the type of literature they publish, so I am thrilled to take part in this one. Open Pen is a free zine that you can find in your local indie bookshop: check here for where you might find it! Once my copies arrive I’ll be looking into finding stockists in Oslo also 😀
  • I entered “Diary of a Prostitute’s Landlord” in the running for the #Wattys2017. I have no idea what they’re looking for; I just checked that the story qualifies and sent it in. I don’t know if you vote for it or whatever, but needless to say I’d be very glad if you did. Or you can just read it to discover how to avoid becoming a prostitute’s landlord. Don’t think it’ll happen to you? Neither did the character based on me!
  • Author Daniel Clausen is starting a series of guest blog posts, featuring stuff I sent him ages ago and forgot about, so it’s been cool helping him get the posts into shape and reading about, for example, my fantasy that Pierce Brosnan becomes a friend of my dad’s. The first such rambling is called Everything You Need to Know About Daniel Day Lewis or Extreme Sitting for Beginners. I assume it will be informative 😀
  • What, more? Isn’t that enough? Are you not entertained?!
  • In all likelihood there’s something else I’ve forgotten about. But with time I will have even more news, even more exciting, I’m sure!
  • Chat soon!!

New Losing the Plot, with Josh Schlossberg!


This episode’s guest is Josh Schlossberg, a journalist and horror writer with upcoming stories in the latest Bards & Sages Quarterly and Deadman’s Tome Campfire Tales! So look out for both of these releases. We talk about the writing process, fracking foxes and “microbial horror”!

Follow him on Facebook, Twitter (@JoshsNightmare) and check out his blog:

If you’re a writer, reader, editor, someone with something to say, you think you’d make an interesting guest? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at losingtheplodpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com. I look forward to it!

New Review/Analysis of Bonespin!


So now that Bonespin Slipspace is now available on Amazon, Selcouth Station marked the occasion by reviewing and providing some analysis along the way 🙂 It’s spoiler-heavy, so, perfect if you’ve already read it OR if you know me and want to pretend you’ve read it but haven’t! Do check out Selcouth Station also—maybe even listen to my interview with its creator, the experimental poet Haley Jenkins.

Omg… new announcements every day, right?! I’m busy af!! For example:

  • Diary of a Prostitute’s Landlord is now available to read in full on Wattpad also. I don’t know anything about the #Wattys2017 awards but will be submitting Diary… because, why not 🙂
  • Stay tuned for a new Losing the Plot with author Josh Schlossberg, maybe even later today!

Hope all is well with you! Chat soon!

Finale of “Diary…” Available Now!

Starting here, on Friday 17th March, our gallant protagonist deals with a fallout of remaining tasks post-eviction day, and questions what, if anything, the whole experience means.

Now the whole story is available! You can go back here to the first entry if you’re just joining us.

I don’t know much about Wattpad but I will submit this story for the #Wattys2017 awards because why not 🙂 When I do, if you need to vote for it (?) I hope you will, ahaha!

So there you have it! I hope you gleaned something from this account and stay internet-tuned for many more announcements from me regarding upcoming publications—starting with a new Helios QuarterlyUnnerving Magazine #3 just around the corner and Deadman’s Tome’s Monsters Exist anthology, which you can preorder in ebook and paperback, and who knows what else!

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