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Watch my performance at the Open Pen Summer Party 2017!

I was lucky enough to get invited to perform at this year’s Open Pen Summer Party! Juan kindly recorded the performance, so now you can watch it too. Hope you enjoy “I’ve Been to Paradise”!!

Do check out Open Pen, consider buying their excellent best-of anthology, and if you’re a writer, submit to the mag and maybe you’ll be on the stage next!

(If it’s okay with you I’d rather not watch it b/c of my dumb ad-libbing at the beginning for example. Obvs I’ve spoken into a mic before—I run a damn podcast!! You know what I meant though


New Losing the Plot, with Tom Hansen

Tom Hansen is the author of “American Junkie”, a memoir which is gripping, horrifying, emotionally charged and even hilarious at times. It really is a blistering book and should be your next read. He is also the author of “This Is What We Do”, a novel reissued by Counterpoint in September.

Tom was kind enough to join us on Losing the Plot to talk about his writing career, his perspective on life, and what Pikachu means to him (my inquiry of course!)

American Junkie was reissued by Soft Skull press this year and should be purchased IMMEDIATELY here.

Preorder the reissue of This is What We Do here.

As always, if you are an editor, reader, writer, listener, anyone with anything to say, you can always get in contact with me at losingtheplotpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com. I look forward to it!

New Losing the Plot, with Nicholaus Patnaude!

This episode’s guest is Nicholaus Patnaude, author most recently of Guitar Wolf and also First Aide Medicine. He’s the editor-in-chief of Psychedelic Horror Press, a new publisher of—uh, psychedelic horror!

We talk about accessing the subconscious, past lives, and how he came up with a story about a band of animals that are also instruments.

First Aide Medicine

Guitar Wolf

Psychedelic Horror Press

And as always if you’re a reader, writer, editor, someone with something to say, you can always get in touch with me using losingtheplotpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com. I look forward to it!

I was interviewed by Unnerving!

In preparation for the release of “The Grimhaven Disaster” (Aug 8th, preorder here), Eddie Generous of the publisher, Unnerving, interviewed me about the research I did for Grimhaven, my writing goals, Losing the Plot and other stuff. It was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy listening to it! Cheers 🙂

New Losing the Plot, with Rupert Dreyfus!

This episode’s guest is Rupert Dreyfus, author most recently of Prezident Scumbag, also The Rebel’s Sketchbook and Spark. We talk about discovering authorial voice, creating a successful story, and the joy of wasting time when you’re young 😀

Rupert’s links:

And as always if you’re a reader, writer, editor, someone with something to say, you can always get in touch with me using losingtheplotpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com! I look forward to it 🙂

Pre-order The Grimhaven Disaster NOW!!

Hi guys!

So “The Grimhaven Disaster”, my surreal radioactive horror novella, is now available for preorder! Click here and do so now please 🙂

Themis and his buddies celebrate the end of high school by taking a trip to, of all places, Grimhaven’s abandoned nuclear plant, where Themis’ insane grandfather, who religiously devoted himself to nuclear energy, worked up until the hideous accident that put the plant out of commission. When Themis and his girlfriend explore the plant at night, they discover that the plant isn’t as dormant as it seems, and the background radiation of Themis’ family history threatens to result in a full-blown sickness. The Grimhaven Disaster is a horrific, surreal and positively radioactive vision of what happens when youthful hubris clashes with the sobering decay of adulthood.

New Losing the Plot, with Theresa Braun!

This episode’s guest is Theresa Braun, author most recently of “Dead Over Heels”, a genre-blending paranormal novelette. She also has stories in Siren’s Call, Unnerving’s Hardened Hearts anthology and Deadman’s Tome’s Monsters Exist anthology, which she did an amazing job of editing too.

Listen to us talk about haunted houses, amateur ghost hunting, submitting stories and guardian angels! (I also bring up my fear of flying for tenuous reasons as usual—apologies there aha!)

Follow Theresa on Twitter: @tbraun_author

Dead over Heels:

If you’re a reader, writer, editor, someone with something to say, you can always get in touch with me using losingtheplodpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com. I look forward to it!

New story to be published! 


Stoked to announce that my story “The Basement People”–about a sentient cloud of severed human and animal limbs and a metamorphosing crime–will be part of this anthology!

Here is the official TOC for Zombie Punks Fuck Off, in no particular order.

1) While My Guitar Gently Eats – Danger Slater

2) Cyberpunk Zombie Jihad – Mark Zirbel

3) The Ballad of Hank XXX – David W Barbee

4) Hard-Wired Beat – Axel Kohagen

5) Earworm – Brendan Vidito

6) The Basement People – Nicholaus Patnaude

7) I am the Future – Joe Quenell (Ian Muller)

8) Re-Made – Madison McSweeney

9) Rolled Up – MP Johnson

10) The Good Samaritans – Sam Reeve

11) Bass Sick – Asher Ellis

12) The Advent of Noise – Leo X Robertson

13) Eat the Rich – Carmilla Voiez

14) A Circle of Dead Children – Sam Richard

Plus we’ve got the incredible cover…

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Campfire Tales Double Feature!

This August, get ready for a double feature of unrelenting horror! Deadman’s Tome is releasing not one, but two volumes of terror. Demented tales carefully crafted by a mix of established authors and promising newcomers to create a blend that will haunt you well after your first read.

campfire_book1_cover_final_front-only.jpgOrder Today

Share the stories in Deadman’s Tome Campfire Tales Book One and Two with others while gathered around a fire at night, and you’ll be remembered. Oh, you will be remembered as the one that sent chills down their spine, renewed the fear in their heart, and instilled an overwhelming sense of dread. While I recommend to share these tales over a fire, do not read alone in the dark.

campfire_book2_cover_final_v2-front-only-01.jpgOrder Today

Dear reader, please take the cliche warning seriously and do not read in the dark. These stories contain intense images of graphic violence and disturbing content that is absolutely…

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