It doesn’t mean I’ve disappeared from the internet–but where did all my content go?!

Well, I wrote some blog pieces for Aphotic Realm which you can find here–and then I half-wrote a whole bunch more, thousands of words of them languishing in Google Docs somewhere, for me to maybe get around to one day…

And my podcast, Losing the Plot, has similarly migrated over to Aphotic Realm’s podcast network! Sorry I didn’t inform you of that on this blog, dear follower—but please do head on over to AP to catch up on the latest ‘sodes (ew, haha!)

As for my fiction–Urban Crime Short Stories from Flame Tree Publishing came out earlier this year, featuring my story “Mr Sleepy.”

Super exciting to have gotten work in such a prestigious anthology! I even found a copy in one of the mainstream bookshops here in Stavanger, leading me to believe the book is all over by now. I opened it, showed my name to the woman working there then left immediately (as one does. Sharing TOC joy with a strange? Yes. Sharing tears of joy? Not so much!)

I also have a story in Weirdpunk Books’ forthcoming anthology The New Flesh: A Literary Tribute to David Cronenberg. I’ve seen the full cover art for it and it’s absolutely wild! My story, “Lackers”, is about a secret sex club for maimed people, because of course it is. I interviewed fellow contributor Gwendolyn Kiste about this book recently, and plan to interview some of the other authors in future also 🙂

Finally, my novella/novel/memoir thing, “Greev“, will be out with NihilismRevised on 30th December looks like.

Does that mean I can finally tell you what it’s about?! I guess so.

It’s a sci fi story that takes place in the fictional city of Los, where one day everyone’s mother dies. Soon after, a pair of doctors stumble upon a technology that may bring back the dead–though a local cult is convinced this technology will bring about the end of the world…

I’m excited to see what people make of it. I initially started writing just so I could write this book, but along the way became enthused by the notion of telling so many other stories. Over the course of 7 years, I kept taking the new skills I obtained back to the writing of this book. How could I possibly say, after a time like that, whether it’s what I expected it to be? It half-is, half-became something else. But it’s as “what it’s supposed to be” as I can make it, and for that I’m glad 🙂

What’s next? Well, I seem to be halfway through writing two separate short story collections (which doesn’t tell you anything about when you might get to read them!) while also pouring a lot of energy into the Stavanger Filmmakers Club, a club I started in because, well, it didn’t exist already. And I started it on no greater authority than having seen the necessity for it. As is my right!

We have any number of ideas for the direction of how this thing will go. I already made a little short film so I could demonstrate to others what I was after. Here is “Can I quit my day job yet?

What to say about the club? If you ever find yourself in Stavanger, hit us up! And wherever you are in the world, you have my permission to pursue anything you damn well please 🙂

Cheers for reading, sorry for not checking in earlier, and hope your year is going well enough!