I’m back in a promotional mood, and just as well, because there’s a veritable plethora of new Robertson material hitting the virtual shelves!

I have a story in the Zombie Punks Fuck Off anthology, which is out now!

“The Advent of Noise” is about how the “noise” music genre was created by a punk band after they died and brought it back from the afterlife. I don’t know if you knew that.

Zombies are anathema to certain publishers who have seen too much of them. Just like a fashion trend trickling down towards Anne Hathaway’s cerulean sweater in The Devil Wears Prada (or like a game of Telephone for those of you who now need to go watch Devil Wears Prada), other publishers and writers started going, “Yeah zombies are totally over”, but most of them saying it without really knowing why, I would argue.

So I like to imagine this book’s title is a response to those who decided to shun zombies.

Zombies don’t die, duh!!

I also have a story in the upcoming Twisted50 volume 2–it’s called “The Art is Absent” and it’s about what might happen if you were a performance artist who’d committed to living in an art gallery for a month but were then like, “Hang on I can’t do this.”

Just like that haunting episode of Sex and the City that Marina Abramovic refused to be in (to her constant dismay now, I assume.)

Last but not least, my novella “Jesus of Scumburg” is coming out on Xmas, but the preorder is available now!

Jesus of Scumburg is about Jesus DeJesus, lead singer of the Nazi Sympathizers, whose music excites audiences into a frenzy, such that they destroy whatever city the band plays in.

So please: give me the encouragement I don’t deserve to create more monstrous writing like the above 🙂 (I’ve written plenty of tasteful things, but the market has spoken, haha!)