People don’t take advice; they look for examples of what they want

Therefore you might argue that I’m just writing this for myself. I hope not. And I do thank you for reading.

Sobering truths are one of life’s most important components. How you respond to them determines how you will grow. And growth is the only justifiable option.

However, sobering truths are like the whole grains of your diet, or the cardio of a fitness routine. While perhaps healthy in moderation, if they’re all you consume, you’ll die.

So enough of all of this. You did well to get this far. And it counted as work, I promise you that.

I give you permission to watch 30 mins of silly YouTube videos—at least!

One last bonus harsh truth: Shun enforced breaks and silliness at your peril, writer friend of mine—for shunning fun will make you a worse writer, and, more importantly, a worse human.