A.A. Medina is the author of the novella “Siphon”, a “vampire story without the vampire”, out now with Hindered Souls Press; and also the short story collection “ITCH.” He and Dustin Schyler Yoak are the co-owners of Aphotic Realm, a literary magazine for strange and sinister stories. Issue 3, “Classified”, comes out in March. He also designs and develops tabletop games for MoonMarketGames.

Amongst many other things, we talk about punk, loss, and celebrating the success of others! (And if you listen to the very end, his punk band Kama-Mara play us out with their song, “Antipathy”! It’s super cool!!)

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Intro music provided by Marshall Riley. Check out his latest album, “Bummer”, at Captain Crook Records!