Y’all’ll recall that Twisted50 published a story of mine last year and that I went to the launch party and met one of my own characters (!) Well they’ve just announced that they’ll publish my story, “The Art is Absent”, in Twisted50 vol 2. I also see that Losing the Plot guests Madeleine Swann and Steve Pool will have stories in this book too, so I’m sure the resulting anthology will be awesome.

I sent them 2 stories and they picked the good one 🙂 This also ends my acceptance drought of like… 4, 5 months? Though I’ve had more than enough accepted or published or whatever this year, by many cool outlets that I respect, so I’ll shut the fuck up. Once again the turnaround of this story, from writing to acceptance, was a full year.

I very much enjoyed Twisted50 volume 1, and I have a lot of respect for what Create50 does overall to promote new and emerging writers, with Twisted50, Impact50 and Singularity50.

I hope you’ll consider submitting to a Create50 project. Purchasing Twisted50 vol 1, a highly enjoyable book, would be a great way to know what Create50 are looking for.

Cheers 🙂