Hey everyone! You’ll have seen this announcement on my list of publications this year but NOW is the time to get excited about “The Grimhaven Disaster”, my surreal radioactive horror novella coming out with Unnerving August 8th!

Themis and his buddies celebrate the end of high school by taking a trip to, of all places, Grimhaven’s abandoned nuclear plant, where Themis’ insane grandfather, who religiously devoted himself to nuclear energy, worked up until the hideous accident that put the plant out of commission. When Themis and his girlfriend explore the plant at night, they discover that the plant isn’t as dormant as it seems, and the background radiation of Themis’ family history threatens to result in a full-blown sickness. The Grimhaven Disaster is a horrific, surreal and positively radioactive vision of what happens when youthful hubris clashes with the sobering decay of adulthood.

I’ll let you know how to preorder and give you more updates asap. Thanks for the support so far and please do let anyone know if you think they’d be interested. I hope fans of Bonespin Slipspace are ready for another weird and wild ride of twisted imagination!!!!!!!x∞!!