Hello everyone!

Just to let you know that issue #3 of Unnerving Magazine is now available!

Contains a double shout-out to yrstrly. To think most mags I’m in won’t even disgrace their covers with my name, ahaha!

It could be your name on issue #4 or #5 if you choose to submit here.

Unnerving is a semi-pro-paying market on the rise, and I know few people in general who work as hard as its head editor, Eddie Generous, whom I interviewed on Losing the Plot, and you can check out that episode and every other episode to date here—might give you some indication of what the mag is looking for and how to submit if you’re interested in doing so!

I hope you’ll consider supporting Eddie and Unnerving—I only submit to publications I enjoy reading (which is why I’m doing not to badly with it—what’s better than when you and a market’s tastes align?) Unnerving is no exception. BUY BUY BUY!!