Hello again,

So here comes another update mostly so I can remember all the cool stuff that’s happening!

  • Latest Losing the Plot is with author and journalist Josh Schlossberg. We talk about the writing process, fracking foxes and “microbial horror”!
  • Deadman’s Tome’s extra special Monsters Exist anthology is available for preorder on Amazon. If you fancy a paperback copy, look no further! Plus, there’s a Goodreads giveaway for it here. You can also read my story behind my story “Kelpies”, which is in the anthology, here.
  • The latest Helios Quarterly is now available! Features a story I’m particularly proud of, called “Levels for Sustainable Living.” Extra cool is that Helios recently qualified as a semi-prozine under SFWA guidelines, so, uh… see you at the Hugos 😉
  • Open Pen Issue Nineteen is now out! My story in that is called “The Other Half”: it’s about a woman whose husband comes home one day, only the right half of him has been stripped down to its central nervous system. I have huge respect for Open Pen’s mission and the type of literature they publish, so I am thrilled to take part in this one. Open Pen is a free zine that you can find in your local indie bookshop: check here for where you might find it! Once my copies arrive I’ll be looking into finding stockists in Oslo also 😀
  • I entered “Diary of a Prostitute’s Landlord” in the running for the #Wattys2017. I have no idea what they’re looking for; I just checked that the story qualifies and sent it in. I don’t know if you vote for it or whatever, but needless to say I’d be very glad if you did. Or you can just read it to discover how to avoid becoming a prostitute’s landlord. Don’t think it’ll happen to you? Neither did the character based on me!
  • Author Daniel Clausen is starting a series of guest blog posts, featuring stuff I sent him ages ago and forgot about, so it’s been cool helping him get the posts into shape and reading about, for example, my fantasy that Pierce Brosnan becomes a friend of my dad’s. The first such rambling is called Everything You Need to Know About Daniel Day Lewis or Extreme Sitting for Beginners. I assume it will be informative 😀
  • What, more? Isn’t that enough? Are you not entertained?!
  • In all likelihood there’s something else I’ve forgotten about. But with time I will have even more news, even more exciting, I’m sure!
  • Chat soon!!