So now that Bonespin Slipspace is now available on Amazon, Selcouth Station marked the occasion by reviewing and providing some analysis along the way 🙂 It’s spoiler-heavy, so, perfect if you’ve already read it OR if you know me and want to pretend you’ve read it but haven’t! Do check out Selcouth Station also—maybe even listen to my interview with its creator, the experimental poet Haley Jenkins.

Omg… new announcements every day, right?! I’m busy af!! For example:

  • Diary of a Prostitute’s Landlord is now available to read in full on Wattpad also. I don’t know anything about the #Wattys2017 awards but will be submitting Diary… because, why not 🙂
  • Stay tuned for a new Losing the Plot with author Josh Schlossberg, maybe even later today!

Hope all is well with you! Chat soon!